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maandag 11 januari 2010

Ad Visser - Sobrietas (1982)

Ad Visser being the Dutch Jean Michel Jarre,
couldn't miss out on this one.
A bit corny but also has a few gems on it.

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whitepunksondope zei

Hey, thanks for sharing this rare album. It is really suprising that the track for which he is most known for "Giddayap A Gogo" was not even released here in the UK (according to Discogs anyway and for all these years I had assumed it was a UK hit..faulty memory alert!
I have only heard one other track by Ad Visser: "Relief Of Demorzan" on the b-side so I am really looking forward to hearing the whole album...apparently this was a soundtrack to a book he wrote which given the fact this was released in 1982 makes him quite a forward thinker.
Thanks again.

whitepunksondope zei

Brilliant album...experimental eighties pop music at its best! Thought I would come back and thank you for the quality of the recording though for some strange reason track 3 "Giddayap A Gogo" is missing which is such a shame as the versions I have are either the 3.50 radio version or scratchy low bitrate full versions...It would be great if you could re-post this album or add/send me the missing track, many thanks.

Anoniem zei

This is the CD version, which mixes and matches from a few different albums; Giddayap A Gogo is not on the CD version. However, track 3 of the CD, 'Hallucinado", is still missing. Is there any chance you could post the missing track please?