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vrijdag 27 mei 2011

Perez Prado - The Voodoo Suite

At the height of his popularity in the late 1950s, Perez Prado turned away from his ever-popular mambos, teaming up with Shorty Rogers to create two of the most interesting exotica records of all time. VOODOO SUITE / EXOTIC SUITE combines these two great albums.

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John McFarland - Provocatif (1959)

Incredible exotica album. Nine tracks of mystical strangeness with elements of eastern, african and latin rhytms. An unusual combination of instruments vibes, xylophone, piano, percussion, bird calls, jungle noises and snake rattlers. Wild style exotica not seen the light of day since the early sixties. Insane!!

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Ted Auletta - Exotica (1962)

Ted Auletta earned his place in Space Age Pop history with a single album, an excellent example of jungle exotica titled, aptly, Exotica.

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donderdag 26 mei 2011

Vibe-O-Tron presents: Joe Zawinul Sampler

no tracklist available

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Dick Hyman and Mary Mayo - Moon Gas (1963)

This is a great CD full of terrific space pop and Mary Mayo's unique wordless vocalizing

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Dick Hyman - Brazilian Impressions (1966)

This is Dick Hyman's tribute to Brazilian music.

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Dick Hyman - Fantomfingers (1971)

'rocks the new baldwin organ'

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Dick Hyman - The Man from O.R.G.A.N

Very cool album of private eye/crime jazz tunes from organist Dick Hyman

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Dick Hyman - The Age of Electronicus (1969)

Dick Hyman and his hi-jinx on the Moog. The album is a rather usual mix of pop covers like the Beatles’ Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. The standout track is a version of James Brown’s Give It Up Or Turn It Loose full of Moog tones and affects.

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woensdag 25 mei 2011

Arthur Lyman - Bahia (1959)

Bahia is inventively picked and arranged, with a wide range of tempos and instrumentation, including steel, slack key and ukulele. The percussion on Bahia, whether providing the rhythm for Lyman's vibes, or taking the lead with bells, chimes, drums and maracas, is especially invigorating.

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Arthur Lyman - Bwana a (1958)

Bwana a, Lyman's fourth release opens with a percussive tropical forest of drums, gongs, bird calls and chants laced by trilling flute. This evocative instrumental creativity is a primary thread running throughout exotica, whether it's horns mimicking passing ships, rice flowing on a drumhead to sound frothy waves, or the insect scratch of the gourd-based guiro.

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dinsdag 24 mei 2011

Arthur Lyman - Hawaiian Sunset (1958)

On his third album, HAWAIIAN SUNSET, released in 1959, Lyman explores his Hawaiian heritage while weaving in the cool-jazz elements epitomized by Miles Davis' BIRTH OF THE COOL album. Linking Pacific Rim exotica and American jazz, the album features an array of authentic Hawaiian instruments, including a pa'i, puili and uliuli. Actually a love song and a well-known rhythmic chant, "Hawaiian War Chant" utilizes these native instruments, while "Hilawe" features Lyman himself on slack-key guitar.

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Arthur Lyman - Taboo (1958)

In the dawn of 90's cocktail culture, Arthur Lyman often stands in the shadow of his former bandleader, Martin Denny. Denny is celebrated for his seminal late-50s version of "Quiet Village" and his string of influential exotica LPs. Lyman, a charter member of Denny's combo, is often lost, despite having pioneered a unique blend of jazz and exotica on dozens of his own releases.
As a vibe player and arranger, Lyman has a relaxed West Coast sound, his band playing in a tranquil tropical style. The arrangements feature the essential exotica elements: mainland and island standards, smoothly flowing melodies, human-voiced bird calls, and a globe-trotting collection of percussion instruments.

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Arthur Lyman - Leis of Jazz (1957)

More or less straight up cocktail jazz offered to you by vibraphonist/marimba player Arthur Lyman.

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maandag 23 mei 2011

Bo Hansson - Magician's Hat (1972)

Magician's Hat is an instrumental progressive rock album by Swedish musician Bo Hansson. It's very pleasant with its variety of instruments and overall balance. The tempo's are varied enough to keep it interesting and the teasing with jazz makes this
one an absolute gem.
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The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman

The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman is a snapshot of some of the earliest Moog music, at the height of Moog-mania. Moog albums were popping up everywhere, thanks to Switched-On Bach, and Gershon Kingsley’s cheesy psychedelic Moog albums. The tracks range from the goofy to hardcore lounge synth work that will bring a smile to your face.

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zondag 22 mei 2011

Amon Tobin - Foley Room

Electronic beatmaking legend Amon Tobin reinvents himself on Foley Room, an album meticulously created from field recordings and other found sounds.

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The making of Foley Room DVD:

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester - Chariots of the Gods

Think what you will about Erich v. Däniken's books and his ideas of alien astronauts visiting planet Earth in prehistoric times, think what you will about the German-made 'documentries' hitting US television and Grindhouses in the 70s, this music for the first of the films is just about one of the most dynamic and fascinating European symphonic/pop/jazz/lounge scores of that era. If you like groovy European film music by masters like Morricone or Cipriani this is right down your alley. Put on headphones and fly to this breathtaking mix of grand melodies, avantgarde orchestrations, rare grooves and Exotica, all put together by the man who brought you the music for "Space Patrol" and the German Edgar Wallace thrillers.

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Peter Thomas Sound Orchester - Dancing Ninotschka

Mr. Thomas comes up with the cheesy goods! There are at least two right belters on here; first off a wonderfully cheeky take on the most hackneyed of Russian themes on 'My Sister The Naughty Girl Kalinka' that you will immediately piss your pants over. If that were not enough, the cracking breakbeat intro to 'Moskau-Moskwa-Mitternacht' will do the trick! Oh, and the track is a real Hammond stomper too! Not bad at all.

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Peter Thomas Sound Orchester - FBI Man Jerry Cotton

A big city, big cars, and big crime demand a big sound. And there's no bigger sound than the Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra. When the German producers of FBI Man Jerry Cotton needed to give their American hero his musical identity, there was only one guy for the job. Peter Thomas. He's always had a special way with a tune and he was a huge fan of American jazz.

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vrijdag 20 mei 2011

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester - A Lounge Legend Collection

courtesy to: lounge legends blog
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Peter Thomas Sound Orchester - Raumpatrouille

This intriguing disc collects the music for Raumpatrouille, a 1960s German science-fiction television show. Despite its vintage date, the music doesn't conform to usual "orchestra plus theremin" clichés of most 1960s television science-fiction music. Instead, composer Peter Thomas takes the soundtrack in a much more interesting direction by using jazz as the musical basis for his score and adding all sorts of avant-garde electronic effects to keep things interesting. The result is a fun, lounge-y soundtrack that remains fresh and interesting today thanks to its quirkiness and groove-oriented style. Raumpatrouille is a solid and engaging collection of lounge instrumentals that will appeal to Peter Thomas fans and anyone who enjoys classic lounge music at its most space age.

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Peter Thomas Sound Orchester - Warp Back To Earth

Two disc set with the second CD featuring 29 rare tracks by Germany's leading composer of wacky film music in the '60s & '70s, and the first featuring covers of 17 of his choice works by bands like Stereolab, Saint Etienne, High Llamas, Coldcut and Momus. A combined total of 46 selections. Gatefold double digipak. 1998 release.

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donderdag 19 mei 2011

Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Orion 2000

Wow, this is some neat stuff! A true gem amongst the already amazing Peter Thomas output.
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woensdag 18 mei 2011

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester - Easy Loungin'

Peter Thomas and his Sound Orchestra. A series of sparkling beads from various soundtracks of the 60s and 70s. Exotic sounds and fine Easy Listening.

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Peter Thomas - Peter Thomas presents (1968)

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Peter Thomas Sound Orchester - The Big Boss

Stylistically, Thomas' jazz-rock score for The Big Boss is a psychedelic blend of vamping brass, trilling flutes, chiming "oriental" percussion, tinkling piano, blazing electric guitar, gurgling Moog synthesizers, rumbling rhythms and outlandish studio effects.

Naturally, anyone who knows Thomas' other work will want it, and anyone who wants to discover one of the most distinctive and eccentric jazz-based film composers in his prime should check it out.

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Peter Thomas Sound Orchester - Peter Scores

Peter Thomas is a German composer/arranger.His active career spanned more than 50 years between 1955 and 2006.For some of his exceptional scores Thomas used a self-developed musical instrument called "ThoWiephon", today being exhibited in the "Deutsche Museum" in Munich, standing near the famous Theremin, also being used in many movies.Peters scores is one of his brilliant scores.

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dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester - Future Muzik

Peter Thomas' brilliant soundtrack creation is highlighted in this swell edition of his life's work. These songs taken out of the context of the film in which they appeared makes for the most swinging bizarre listening experience imaginable.

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woensdag 11 mei 2011

Mandingo III - A Story of Survival

Mandingo was a group of English session musicians led by producer Norman Newell. None of the musicians are actually listed on any of their LPs, but the wide range and diversity of instruments they used are. Like their other two records, Mandingo III sounds like a funky soundtrack with a lot of percussive insanity.

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Mandingo - Savage Rite

Mandingo was a group of English session men who released four really incredible albums chock full of percussion, breaks and big band madness.

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Mandingo - The Primeval Rhythm of Life

Digitally remastered edition of this '70s audio extravaganza that was often used in record and Hi-Fi stores for demonstrating the latest stereo equipment. Recorded in the mid-'70s, using state of the art analogue equipment and techniques, this album was very highly regarded by Hi-Fi buffs world wide for its clarity, dynamics, sonic response and broad stereo spectrum. . A groundbreaking mix of exotica, Afro Funk, and electric 70s production! This is Mandingo's first album of savage jungle electronics and the record's a landmark from the Brit easy scene, but it's also got an amazing Funky sound that sets it apart from anything else like it! There's heavy percussion, weird electronics, fuzzy guitars -- and incredible production throughout!

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