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zondag 22 mei 2011

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester - Chariots of the Gods

Think what you will about Erich v. Däniken's books and his ideas of alien astronauts visiting planet Earth in prehistoric times, think what you will about the German-made 'documentries' hitting US television and Grindhouses in the 70s, this music for the first of the films is just about one of the most dynamic and fascinating European symphonic/pop/jazz/lounge scores of that era. If you like groovy European film music by masters like Morricone or Cipriani this is right down your alley. Put on headphones and fly to this breathtaking mix of grand melodies, avantgarde orchestrations, rare grooves and Exotica, all put together by the man who brought you the music for "Space Patrol" and the German Edgar Wallace thrillers.

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