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dinsdag 24 mei 2011

Arthur Lyman - Taboo (1958)

In the dawn of 90's cocktail culture, Arthur Lyman often stands in the shadow of his former bandleader, Martin Denny. Denny is celebrated for his seminal late-50s version of "Quiet Village" and his string of influential exotica LPs. Lyman, a charter member of Denny's combo, is often lost, despite having pioneered a unique blend of jazz and exotica on dozens of his own releases.
As a vibe player and arranger, Lyman has a relaxed West Coast sound, his band playing in a tranquil tropical style. The arrangements feature the essential exotica elements: mainland and island standards, smoothly flowing melodies, human-voiced bird calls, and a globe-trotting collection of percussion instruments.

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Anoniem zei

Are most of your rips from vinyl?

caesar zei

some of them are:-)