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woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Arlene Zupp - hey smile Fitness Is Fun (1966)

Theme song – Fitness is Fun
Warm Up – Caliente, Hey
Waist, Midriff, Arms, & Shoulders – Mango Swing
Abdominals – Softalero
Pelvic Area & Hips – How ‘Bout That

Inner Thighs – Turn Blue Cha-Cha
Correctives – Portrait
Tension – The Physfits
Rolling Pin – Bottoms’ Zupp
Cool Off – You’re Where You Want To Be

Your prayers have been answered with the 1966 classic “hey smile FITNESS iS FUN”, featuring the inspirational yet peppy bowl-cutted Arlene Zupp. As the liner notes tell us, “....if you are bogged down with “LOVE KNOBS”, “SADDLE BAGS”, “ENGLISH MUFFINS”, “PROTRUDING ABDOMINALS, or a “DOWAGERS CAPE”, this record will not only explain what they are, but also how to rid yourself of them.”

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