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woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Gino Marinacci - ... Idea

Really hip work from Italian flautist Gino Marinacci -- a player with a sound that's unlike anyone else we can think of, recording here in a group that really matches the best side of his talents! Gino plays a bass flute -- which has a nice low-end, rumbling sort of sound -- quite different than some of the higher-toned flutes usually used in jazz, and mixed here with trombone work from Dino Piana, which makes for a nicely bottom-heavy record that's really great. Other players include Antonello Vannucchi on piano and organ and Angelo Baroncini on guitar -- and the rhythms on the record are often as unique as Marinacci's sound -- not quite modal, not quite bossa, not quite soul jazz -- but with cool elements of all of them. Arrangements are by Marinacchi and Vannucchi, but Piero Piccioni also arranged one tune too -- and titles include "Idea", "Metropoli", "Club Privato", "Comunicativa", "Dialogo", "Intesa", and "Un Volto Una Storia".

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