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woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Ken Nordine - How Are Things In Your Town? (1971)

A1 Original Sin (3:02)
A2 What Time Is It? (4:00)
A3 Down The Drain (3:18)
A4 Reaching Into In (2:12)
A5 Lemming (2:35)
A6 Flibberty Jib (4:50)
B1 The Whistler (3:08)
B2 Bury-It-Yourself Time Capsule (3:16)
B3 Hunger Is From (3:58)
B4 Smerd (4:40)
B5 Anytime, Anytime (2:32)
B6 Pacing (2:25)
C1 Firefly (2:23)
C2 Outer Space (3:42)
C3 Manned Space Capsule (2:24)
C4 The Vidiot (5:35)
C5 Miss Cone (2:52)
C6 Mr. Big (2:09)
D1 Confessions Of 349-18-5171 (7:33)
D2 Roger (5:16)
D3 Looks Like Rain (3:40)
D4 You're Getting Better (2:15)

Ken Nordine is world renowned for his sensational spoken words delivered through powerful baritone diction. He’s the most instantly recognizable voice personality in both broadcast radio & commercial television history and his articulate vernacular & dramatic vocalizations earned him the apt title of ‘King of the Voice-overs'. The 1972 release ‘How Are Things In Your Town?’ (deriving its title from Nordine’s spooky tale about a tall stranger in ‘Flibberty Jib?) is a rather nice collection of Nordine’s early seminal works. Although not cohesive in its presentation it is a solid representation of Nordine’s creative range. His speech method encompasses you completely demanding strict attention to his timeless social commentary and even the more strange scenarios and nonsensical utterances. Nordine is very effective at invoking descriptive imagery that chaperons you through numerous portraits of unstable men and journeys through their nerve wracked minds on ‘Looks Like Rain,? obsessions with clocks & time in ‘What Time Is It?,? the ‘Original Sin’ of vermin killing and rat poison disposal, and how ‘You’re Getting Better? by just avoiding conformity. This is excellent material and essential listening for everyone!

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