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maandag 31 augustus 2009

Fourth World Vol. 1: Possible Musics (1980)

1. CHEMISTRY (Jon Hassell/Brian Eno) 6:48
2. DELTA RAIN DREAM (Jon Hassell/Brian Eno) 3:22
3. GRIOT (OVER "CONTAGIOUS MAGIC") (Jon Hassell) 4:00
4. BA-BENZELE (Jon Hassell) 6:03
5. RISING THERMAL 14° 16' N; 32° 28' E (Jon Hassell/Brian Eno) 3:34
6. CHARM (OVER "BURUNDI CLOUD") (Jon Hassell) 21:24

The term “Fourth World” implies an extension of the third world into an as-yet-unknown realm, which would describe Eno’s collaborative effort with trumpeter Jon Hassell on Possible Musics. Using Eno’s ambient beds as the backdrop, Hassell’s radically altered trumpet (the instrument produces a mournful Middle Eastern sound that almost sounds human) rests on top of sparkling, subtle electronics much like earlier Fripp and Eno albums. The result sounds like “trumpetronics,” as Jon’s trumpet achieves the same muted, dreamy effect as Robert Fripp’s frippertronics. The album represents one in a series of Eno albums that sought to re-cast Eastern music for avant-garde Western ears.

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