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woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Gert Wilden & Orchestra - I Told You Not To Cry

Swinging themes from thrilling German crime films (1966 - 1972).

Compiled by Crippled Dick Hot Wax

1. Rolf Torring
2. I Told You Not To Cry
3. Hong Kong Twist
4. Fu Manchu Theme
5. Murder Beat
6. Green Spider Theme
7. Gaslight Mood
8. Beware
9. Pulp Heroes
10. Bulletproof
11. Kill Street
12. Desert Hips
13. Oriental Twist
14. The Hunt
15. Beach Party
16. Steps In The Dark
17. Oriental Nights
18. White Cargo
19. Piano Blues
20. Tiger Blues

A companion to Schulmädchen Report, a compilation of bandleader/composer Gert Wilden's themes for German softcore sex films, I Told You Not to Cry collects 20 of Wilden's scores for crime films from the same era.

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