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woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Jean Jacques Perrey & David Chazam - Eclektronics

1. What's Up Duck?
2. Analog Dialog Listen
3. Loop 1
4. My Blue Morlok
5. Elephant on the Roof
6. Clones War Listen
7. Loop 2
8. Doc Tequil and Mister H.
9. Japanese Connection
10. Loop 3
11. Cyberbugs Time-Machine
12. 28th Paradigm
13. Loop 4
14. Neutronia
15. Bilbo K. [Instrumental]
16. Chronophonie 99
17. Loop 5

Frenchman Jean-Jacques Perrey is well-known to anyone interested in electronic music, and especially to those who are familiar with the many records from the late sixties and early seventies on which the Moog synthesizer plays a major role. While his colleagues mainly recorded cover versions (varying from Bach to Burt Bacharach), Perrey whether or not together with Gershon Kingsley brought out a number of LPs packed with catching tunes he composed himself. These tunes are all based on the strange squeaking, buzzing and growling Moog effects. At first hearing it all sounds deceptively simple. However, these tunes are always ingeniously put together, especially when you realize the primitive nature of the equipment used.

Thanks to the Dutch Basta label, Eclektronics recently became available on CD. The CD edition contains five bonus tracks, which Perrey and Chazam recorded after the original LP had been released. Amazing album!

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