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woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Burnt Friedman - Can't Cool (2003)

1. Fuck Back - (remix, featuring Theo Altenberg)
2. Fly Your Kite - (featuring ABI)
3. Patemoster - (remix, featuring ABI)
4. Dublab Alert - (featuring ABI)
5. Life Is Worth Dying For - (featuring Patrice)
6. Get Things Straight - (featuring Patrice)
7. Real Abstraction - (featuring ABI)
8. Someday My Blues Will Cover the Earth - (featuring His Name Is Alive)
9. Desinger Groove
10. Get Things Straight - (Dub)
11. Five Star Group Travel
12. Consider a Bigger Wallet

Cologne-resident Burnt Friedman is the pal of former Cologne-resident Uwe Schmidt (aka Senor Coconut, aka Atomheart, aka 34 billion other aliases). The two worked - and still work - together on the fabulous Flanger project (Ninja Tune), creating supreme nano-jazz from intricately constructed sound samples.

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