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woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Robert Drasnin - Voodoo II (2007)

1. Habanera In Blue
2. Moonrean Moonbeams
3. Sambalerro
4. East Of Xanadu
5. Kahluha Mist
6. Polynesian Bolero
7. Luz De La Luna
8. Puente Doble
9. La Mer Velours
10. Reminiscence
11. Siren Song
12. Thaitian Dream

Over ten years after the reissue of "Voodoo" and almost fifty since the release of the original, Dionysus Records unveils ROBERT DRASNIN's Voodoo II. Combining ROBERT DRASNIN's beautiful aquatic-like composition with all elements necessary for the exotica sound such as marimba, percussion, flue, piano and more; Voodoo II is destined to become as much of an exotica classic as it's predecessor

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